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A sphere in R using rgl package

The rgl.spheres function is a fantastic way to plot spheres! Look at!



YES! yes, it’s very simple. I will describe the procedure:

1. You should create the file with code R. Command-line parameters are accessible via commandArgs().

2. You can use Rscript on all platforms, including Windows. It will support commandArgs(), for example: In the terminal

Rscript myscript.R arg1 arg2 arg3

arg1, arg2 and arg3 are arguments into your R script. If your args are strings with spaces in them, enclose within double quotes. There are two add-on packages on CRAN — getopt and optparse — which were both written for command-line parsing.

Tiny example: script.R

options(echo=TRUE) # To see commands in output file
args <- commandArgs(trailingOnly = TRUE) 
# trailingOnly=TRUE means that only your 
# arguments are returned

start_date <- as.Date(args[1]) # First argument
figure_name <- args[2] # Second argument
n <- as.integer(args[3]) # Third argument

# Some computations:
x <- rnorm(n)
plot(start_date+(1L:n), x,type="l")


To run:

Rscript script.R 02/06/2015 figure 1000