Statistical software are specialized computer programs for statistical analysis.

Open source

  • ADaMSoft – a generalized statistical software with Data mining algorithms and methods for data management.
  • ADMB – a software suite for non-linear statistical modeling based on C++ which uses automatic differentiation.
  • Bayesian Filtering Library
  • Chronux – for neurobiological time series data
  • DAP – A free replacement for SAS
  • ELKI a software framework for development of data mining algorithms in Java.
  • Fityk – nonlinear regression software (GUI and command line)
  • gretl – gnu regression, econometrics and time-series Library
  • JAGS – Just another Gibbs sampler (JAGS) is a program for analysis of Bayesian hierarchical models using Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) developed by Martyn Plummer. It is similar to WinBUGS.
  • JHepWork – Java-based statistical analysis framework for scientists and engineers. It includes an advanced IDE and Jython shell.
  • JMulTi
  • Octave – programming language (very similar to Matlab) with statistical features
  • Mondrian (software) – data analysis tool using interactive statistical graphics with a link to R.
  • OpenBUGS
  • OpenEpi – A web-based, open source, operating-independent series of programs for use in epidemiology and statistics based on JavaScript and HTML
  • OpenMx – A package for Structural equation modeling running in R.
  • Orange, a machine learning and bioinformatics software
  • Ploticus – software for generating a variety of graphs from raw data
  • PSPP – A free software replacement for SPSS
  • R – A free implementation of the S language.
  • R Commander – GUI interface for R\
  • Revolution Analytics – Production-grade software for the enterprise big data analytics
  • RapidMiner, a machine learning toolbox
  • Rattle GUI – GUI interface for R
  • S2[1] – Derived from Salstat, it has a graphical user interface but it can also be scripted by using python, it can make charts as bar chartternary plotBox plot etc. Licenced under GPL3.
  • Salstat – Menu driven statistics software
  • Scilab – uses GPL compatible CeCILL license
  • SciPy (a Python library for scientific computing) contains the stats sub-package which is partly based on the venerable |STAT (a.k.a. PipeStat, formerly UNIX|STAT) software
    • scikit-learn extends SciPy with a host of machine learning models (classification, clustering, regression, etc.)
  • Shogun, an open source Large Scale Machine Learning toolbox that provides several SVM (Support Vector Machine) implementations (like libSVM, SVMlight) under a common framework and interfaces to Octave, Matlab, Python, R
  • Simfit – Simulation, curve fitting, statistics, and plotting
  • SOCR
  • SOFA Statistics – a desktop GUI program focused on ease of use, learn as you go, and beautiful output.
  • Statistical LabR-based and focusing on educational purposes
  • Weka is also a suite of machine learning software written at the University of Waikato.
  • Xlisp-stat

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