• Bases Fisiológicas da Adaptação Neuromuscular à Atividade Física (FF194) – UNICAMP


Bioenergetic provision of energy for muscular activity

Exercise and fatigue

Impaired calcium release during fatigue

Unraveling the neurophysiology of muscle fatigue

Skeletal muscle fatigue- cellular mechanisms

Caffeine and Anaerobic Performance Ergogenic Value and Mechanisms of Action

Caffeine and sports performance

Caffeine attenuates delayed-onset muscle pain and force loss following eccentric exercise

Caffeine-containing energy drink improves physical performance in female soccer players

Coffee treatment prevents the progression of sarcopenia in aged mice in vivo and in vitro

Effect of Caffeine Ingestion on Muscular Strength and Endurance- A Meta-Analysis

Effect of caffeine on the neuromuscular system – potential as ergogenic aid

Efeito da ingestão de cafeína sobre o desempenho no treinamento de força

  • Fisiologia Neuromuscular


The Neuromuscular Junction Structure, Funcation, and its Role in the Excitation of Muscle
Plasticity of human skeletal muscle gene expression to in vivo function
The molecular regulation of skeletal muscle mass
Normal mammalian skeletal muscle and its phenotypic plasticity
Satellite cells in human skeletal muscle; from birth to old age
Signaling Pathways that Mediate Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy- Effects of Exercise Training
Skeletal Muscle Protein Metabolism and Resistance Exercise
Current topics for teaching skeletal muscle physiology
Fiber types in mammalian skeletal muscles
Fibre types in skeletal muscle: a personal account
Regeneration of mammalian skeletal muscle. Basic mechanisms and clinical implications
Skeletal muscle fatigue- cellular mechanisms
Atrophy and hypertrophy of skeletal muscles
Functional and clinical significance of skeletal muscle architecture
Signaling pathways in skeletal muscle remodeling
The molecular basis of skeletal muscle atrophy
Mechanical signal transduction in skeletal muscle growth and adaptation
Plasticity in Skeletal, Cardiac, and Smooth Muscle
Plasticity of mammalian skeletal muscle
Human Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy
Skeletal muscle: master or slave of the cardiovascular system

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