Roxana Chiappa

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Roxana’s research agenda is centered around the question of how and to what extent social and economic inequalities, manifested among social groups, institutions and countries, are (re) produced in the scientific and higher education systems. 

Roxana graduated with a PhD from the University of Washington- Seattle, with a mixed-method study that analyzed the effects of the social class of origin on the careers of academics in Chile (see here publications related). Before that, Roxana worked as an institutional researcher at the University of Santiago (Chile) and the University of Washington, Seattle (USA). In that position, Roxana developed extensive experience in quantitative data analysis and performance evaluation of higher education institutions and scientific policies.

In CHERTL, Roxana works as a lecturer in the Postgraduate diploma in higher education (PGDip HE). In addition, Roxana is working on a research project that aims to unpack the effects of gender, race and class in the process of formation and the career outcomes of academics in South Africa and Chile.

Roxana is an associate member of the Center for Innovation and Research in Graduate Education (University of Washington, Seattle), from where she coordinates a series of webinars about social justice and doctoral education. Roxana is also an adjunct researcher at the Center for the Study of Conflict and Social Cohesion (COES), linked to different Chilean universities.

When she is not busy with work,  Roxana spends her time cooking, dancing, hiking and/or writing poetry about her research findings. She is also a member of ACUSAfrica.

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